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 +====== Next version ======
 +The GostCrypt team is close to release a new version of the software with some features :
 +  - **Grasshopper algorithm**. For the moment, the implementation is still quite slow, we will try to increase the speed as soon as possible.
 +  - **Minor bugs corrections**. Mainly on the MacOSX version, some windows could not be closed when "​Cancel"​ is clicked on.
 +  - **Package distributions**. We prepared some packages installer for Linux (.rpm and .deb).
 +=== But there is something more important ! ===
 +We found a bug in our implementation of the XTS encryption mode for an 8-byte block. The modulus of the polynomial we used was the same as the 16-byte block version. While it absolutely does not affect the security (except if you encrypt a file of size greater that 2<​sup>​64</​sup>​ bytes), we have decided to modify the source code in order to follow the cryptographic rules. As a consequence,​ the primitive polynomial is not the same for the two versions.
 +__We are correcting this error__.
 +**Please be aware that this error is not source of cryptographic flaw**. But it implies a non-respect of the specifications. This modification wil not allow you to open a 1.0-version container with the next version. ​
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