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Installation on Linux

First of all, you have to download the .deb available on the Linux download part of the website. There are two possibilities to install GostCrypt. You can do it with gdebi or dpkg or with the GUI. We will detail the three ways.

Thanks to Antoine, we have an OpenSuse executable working on OpenSuse ! A huge thank you to him. L'exécutable


You need to install gdebi at the beginning. This way, the utility will complete the installation all alone.

  sudo apt-get install gdebi

Now, in root, you can launch the application with the .deb in argument.

  sudo gdebi GostCrypt.deb

The installation will take place. It doesn't take a lot of time.


For the dpkg installation, you need to install by yourself the librairies, like this :

   sudo apt-get install libfuse-dev libwxgtk2.8-dev pkg-config

Now, launch the dpkg command with -i and GostCrypt.deb as arguments.

   sudo dpkg -i GostCrypt.deb

With the GUI

The easiest way is with the GUI. You only need to double click on the .deb and the installation will take place.

You can now use GostCrypt without problem !

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