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Windows compilation

The Windows compilation is easy but you need some utilities.

Step 1 - Prerequisities

  • Microsoft Visual Studio

You need at least the 2008 version SP1. It also has to be up-to-date. The installation has to be done in the default repository.

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 1.52c

A version is available on the Vetusware website. Unzip and copy the folder MSVC15 at the root : C:\MSVC15. Now, create a environment variable named MSVC16_ROOT pointing to the folder. (To do so, go to Configuration Panel → System → Avanced system parameters → Environment variable).

  • Microsoft Windows SDK

Install at least the 7.1 version of the SDK.

  • Microsoft Windows Driver Kit 7.1.0

Only the Build Environment item is necessary to compile GostCrypt. You can download the ISO on the Microsoft website. The installation has to be in the default folder.

If you have a previous installation, you have to update it. only the 7.1.0 version allows the compilation.

  • Pkcs 11 headers

You have to download the three PKCS11 headers. To get them, create a Pkcs11 folder and download them from the rsasecurity website. pkcs11.h pkcs11f.h pkcs11t.h Create an environment variable named PKCS11_INC which has the path to the folder as a value.

  • NASM

Download on the NASM website the 2.08 version and unzip it in the folder you want. Add the path to the *path* environment system variable.

  • Gzip

Unzip and paste the executable in C:\Windows\System32 for the 32bit version or in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 for the 64bit version. You can find it on sourceforge

  • DD

A zip with dd.exe is available on GnuWIN. Copy and paste the executable in C:\Windows\System32 for the 32bit version or in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 in the 64bit version.

Step 2 - Compilation

Open the project with Visual Studio and compile it. If there is some errors, check that the .cpp files are compiled as c++ file.

To do so, go to Properties → C/C++ → Avanced → Compilation You can now check if it is in c++.

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