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-====== Mageia distribution ====== 
-We would like to thank "​cep"​ for this work. We will only describe the procedures for the Mageia 64 bits, as the 32bit procedure is the same than for [[..:ubuntu | ubuntu]]. 
-==== Step 1 - Libraries dependencies ==== 
-You need to download the libraries : 
-    urpmi rpm-build nasm libfuse-devel lib64wxgtku2.8-devel lib64wxgtku2.8 lib64wxgtkugl2.8 lib64libfuse.devel lib64canberra-gtk0 
-==== Step 2 - Compilation ==== 
-You can now launch the compilation with the following command :  
-   make -j4 
-The executable can be found in the Main folder. 
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