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Mac OSX Compilation

There are two ways to compile the Mac OSX version of GostCrypt. It depends on the sources you've downloaded. If you have the Linux sources, please follow the first step. Otherwise, go directly to the second step.

Step 0 - OSX Fuse

You'll need *OSX FUSE* to make GostCrypt running on Mac OSX. You can find it on their website OSX Fuse . Download it and follow their instructions to install it.

Step 1 - Patch the sources

So you've downloaded the Linux sources. We wrote a patch that allows you to update the sources to make it macosx-compatible.

To do so, download the patch and put it in the folder of the gostcrypt sources. Once it is done, apply the patch with the following command :

  patch -p0 < gostcrypt.patch

It won't take long. The patch will tell you when it will be over.

Step 2 - Pkcs 11 headers

As for the Linux version, you need to download the Pkcs11 headers. Those headers are available on their website. Do as follow :

  cd GostCrypt_XXXX_1.0/
  mkdir Pkcs11 && cd Pkcs11
  cd ..

Step 3 - WxWidgets

For the moment, the GUI is based on WxWidgets. Don't worry about the compilation, there is an option in the Makefile.

Step 4 - Compilation

Now, we can start the compilation. We need gcc to compile the sources. It is not included in all Mac OSX distributions, so you have to have XCode and to download the *Command Line Tools*.

Two ways to do so. The first on XCode :

  XCode -> Preferences -> Downloads

It will have the *Command Line Tools* option (if not, you already have the tool). Click and it will download it.

Or with the terminal :

 xcode-select --install

Open the Makefile to change the path to WX_ROOT. Write the path to the WX folder you've just downloaded. Go to the terminal, go to your folder and launch the command :

  make wxbuild -j4

It will begin the compilation of wxWidgets. For the moment, all the options are activated, so the compilation will take a while.

Once it is over, you can launch the GostCrypt compilation.

  export PKCS11_INC=/absolute/path/to/pkcs/folder
  make -j4

Now, it will be done. The executable will be in the Main folder.

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