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Ubuntu Compilation

Step 1 - Libraries dependencies

First of all, you need to install some dependencies. This documentation is for a apt-get-packet-manager-based distribution. But you can adapt it to yours.

 sudo apt-get install libfuse-dev libwxgtk2.8-dev pkg-config

Step 2 - Pkcs11 headers

You will also need PKCS#11 headers. This headers can be find on the rsasecurity website. To download them :

 mkdir Pkcs11

You need the three files. Put this folder wherever you want but keep in mind the path, you'll need it.

Step 3 - Makefile modification

Now, you have to modify the Makefile in the GostCrypt folder.

 cd GostCrypt_Linux_1.0
 vi Makefile

On the line 265, there is written :

 export LIBS="$(BASE_DIR)/$$DIR/$$PROJ.a $$LIBS";

Change it to :

 export LIBS="$(BASE_DIR)/$$DIR/$$PROJ.a $$LIBS -ldl";

Save and quit the file.

Step 4 - Compilation

You can now launch the compilation with the following command :

 make PKCS11_INC=/absolute/path/to/the/PKCS11/folder -j4

The executable can be found in the Main folder.

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